How To Manage Panic Attacks Successfully

It is common knowledge that panic and anxiety attacks are the consequence of excessive anxiety and fear. Quite a good number of people have been victims of a sudden panic attack. Anxiety attacks are not a disease nor are they genetic. This is why everyone should learn how to handle it because it might happen to you when you least expect it and if not cared properly, it can really constrict your life. Here is a few tips on managing panic attacks.

Before I go into details, here is what a panic attack will feel like. The symptoms may vary from person to person but these are some common symptoms that you may experience: lightheadedness, nausea, palpitations, hot or cold flashes or both, unconsciousness, getting into a trance like state, feeling of tightness in the chest or the throat and tingling fingers. Like I said, these are just a few and common symptoms of panic attacks and not everyone experience anxiety attacks the same way. But being aware of the common symptoms will give you an idea of what kind of a feeling you will get if it ever happens to you.

Now about managing anxiety attacks, here are a few tips that may come in handy. The first thing you will need to do is to take your breathing to a steady level or breathe into a paper bag. This will help calm you down and will bring your oxygen level to your normal rate. Also, you can calm yourself down by keeping yourself in a peaceful environment, and listening to music will sooth you. But this cannot help once your panic attack starts. Once you realize that your panic attack has started, try to focus your mind on something that will distract you from the trauma and keep you relaxed.

If you are somebody who is familiar to this kind of anxiety attacks and you are a common victim, managing panic attacks should start before it is too late. Prevention is the best remedy to anxiety attacks so start adopting a healthy lifestyle. Since it is a result of anxiety, never bottle up your feelings. Keep a confidant you can trust and always ease your mind to them whenever you are disturbed by certain things. High blood sugar level can also result in anxiety attacks so try to avoid junk food and drinks at any cost. Your best solution is to always to have homemade food and avoid restaurants if you can.

With these few starter tips, you can start the most effective way of managing panic attacks. Each person has a particular way of having anxiety attacks so once you are aware of what it is, you can easily make a custom plan to manage your anxiety. Getting professional help in extreme cases is also advisable.

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